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Secret worry of Yunnan Baiyao finance affairs: Cash shedding decreases to alread
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Yu Li of Yuan of our newspaper reporter

Suffer product tick effect, yunnan Baiyao (28.09, 0.09, 0.32% , ) (next weighing " Baiyao " ) manage sexual cash net flow to be negative number first half of the year. The newspaper in 2008 shows, net flow of management sex cash is - 964 thousand yuan, with go up photograph of 140 million yuan net flow of management sex cash compares year of the same term, management sex capital is taken up apparent.

In the meantime, holding company of the part below Baiyao banner is gradational appear management sex deficit, how the company below conformity management banner becomes Baiyao at present to treat the problem that solve.

Cash flows decrease the end of the year had appeared last year

The in 2008 bulletin that Baiyao just issues shows, the company realizes business income in all first half of the year 2.7 billion yuan, grew 55% first half of the year than 2007, achieve business income growth is new in recent years tall. And the ready money that at the same time sale commodity gets has 2.64 billion yuan only, grow 15% only compared to the same period.

Because manage sexual cash to flow into,did not catch up with just about the growth of business income, bring about Baiyao to manage occurrence negative of sexual cash net flow to be first half of the year - 964 thousand yuan, with go up 140 million yuan of photograph comparing reduced year of the same term 1 times more more than. In the meantime, cash balance is 635 million yuan first half of the year, still include 110 million yuan of when obtain from the bank short-term loan among them. And go up 775 million yuan of remaining sum photographs that do not have short-term loan compare year of the same term, the cash income that company oneself creates decreases apparent.

And actually, cash of Baiyao management sex flows completely decrease from 2007 the 3rd quarter began, business income of before 3 quarters grows nearly 19% compared to the same period, and cash of management sex of the corresponding period flowed to decrease however compared to the same period completely 21.4% . Annual business income grew 28% compared to the same period 2007, and management sex cash flows to decrease compared to the same period however completely 79.29% .

Public data shows, the business of Baiyao basically is Baiyao production sale and medical business wholesale business Wu. From money the newspaper looks, "Baiyao product profit is high, business is wholesale income is good " .

According to 2008 the branch business statistic first half of the year, first half of the year medical business income (do not contain Baiyao product) it is 1.795 billion yuan, 66% what take group income. Wool interest rate is a few poorer nevertheless, 13% what its contribute profit to take total profit only. And although Baiyao product income has 818 million yuan only, 30% what take group income only, contributed the net gain of 77% however nevertheless.

From the point of the newspaper in 2008, baiyao sale and business are wholesale first half of the year add fast exceeded 40% . Nevertheless, baiyao of wholesale income increasing ratio sells business still tower above 14 percent.
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