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Reese: Sale person and supervisory war
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We do not have the person that left head of excel of the person that say right head thinks thinks. For the angle that executes an officer from employ, without doubt, we the person that apt selects a logic and beautiful of analytic thinking all. But, what we advocate is poor dissimilation. The person that sale regards a course as to be able to choose right head to ponder over the tendency -- heavy vision sense, sensibility and integral sex think.

And the enterprise with an excellent management, should have the sale personnel that the administrator that Zun Naosai takes an examination of and right head think at the same time. In a healthy business, these two kinds of people are indispensable, these two kinds of people should learn how cooperation.

" management of China and foreign countries " : The war often can have a fuse. The fuse with sale person and supervisory the commonnest war, with warlike outcome what be?

Moxa • Reese: The situation that we encounter normally is, be based on the sale proposal of perceptual intuition and integral sex thinking, the administrative layer personnel that is directed very easily by logic and analytic sex thinking is overruled. Lift an example to look, the market of beverage of red ox of one's early years puts in investigation in, investigation shows: The taste that consumer does not like red ox product, name and pack. So a logic and the administrator that analyse sexual thinking to direct, with respect to meeting ground this findings report kills sale tentative plan immediately.

But leader layer of Gong Niu, hope sale personnel is right head thinking is oriented more, relatively at logistic thinking, what they pay attention to more is instinctive. Finally, dietrich Mateschitz of red ox author decides the negative result that oversight investigates, still put the market on red ox beverage!

However, this is planted a file is too little. In more case, the administrative layer of left head thinking still killed the sale program that offers with the sale personnel of right head thinking.

Of sale person helpless

" management of China and foreign countries " : You are personal " war " experience very let a person be interested, whether tell about in detail " war " , for instance: How does it erupt? "War " process how? Result how?

Moxa • Reese: A lot of years ago, lead American cable the industry at that time western the client that allied company is us. At this moment it obtained to march the opportunity of telephone industry.

American telephone industry is in forestall phase in those days, since the monopoly position that the court reversed company of American telephoned telegram, any companies admit telephone industry, natural western alliance also decides sortie among them.

However, alliance wants to delay original name western use on new telephone business. The administrative layer with the left head oriented thinking that this is a model decides. "We have a great name (western allied) , why cannot use it on telephone service business? " this is like " common sense " the same doubt that do not have commonplace. But in sale " reasonable " idea often cannot have effect, more effective perhaps is instinctive.
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