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[House property] city of building of the China after the Olympic Games appears a
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The trend of city of building of the China after the Olympic Games makes the central point that people pays close attention to. Since this year, although estate came to invested amplitude to exceed 30% in July in January, but building dish sales volume growth drops, the market is wait-and-see atmosphere is grumous.

The say “ Jin Jiuyin that having sale peak period 10 ” had come, the ” of window of important “ time that this is trend of city of observation future building. Current, chinese building city appeared a few new trend that are worth to cause attention.

Foreign capital “ copies bottom ” to take affection of the heat of the earth's interior to have add without decrease

Countrywide price monitors concerned data of the center to show, overall level annulus compares price of main city of 2 quarters whole nation this year grow 1.59% , relatively the corresponding period dropped substantially last year, grow trigonometry among them, bead trigonometry area goes up under countrywide level. Land of a few areas sheds mark, stream pat amount to 10% above. Although each urban price are mixed,trade volume performance is differ, but foreign capital enthusiasm has however add without decrease.

According to Shanghai 5 add up to wisdom library statistic, only this year first quarter, the foreign capital that Shanghai estate company obtains invests amount to reach 440 million dollar, occupy 32.6% what foreign capital invests amount first quarter. Data of national statistic bureau shows, chinese estate development used foreign capital to be as high as 65 billion yuan 2007, grow 64.8% . This is shown, fell from tight monetary policy last year, still many foreign capital swarms into Chinese building city.

Clinch a deal “ of business of quantity atrophy development carries ” to change hard to death adjust general trends

July, beijing sells commodity house only 4194, sale a cycle of songs in a traditional opera falls to come to nearly two years lowest. Of Beijing house price go up compared to the same period also fall after a rise 0.2 percent, for lowest goes up since this year. The expert thinks, at present many customer that have the actual demand that buy a house still are in wait-and-see, the as real-estate convention busy season advent after the Olympic Games, clinch a deal quantity hopeful gets definite improvement. But if in “ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” still do not have improvement, the development that stretchs tight to be being tightened for a time business capital catenary makes menace.

2004, since 2005, the house price of and other places of Shanghai, Beijing is “ flies almost towering ” , a few buildings dish price breaks up at every turn 200% , 300% , nowadays, these cities a few buildings dish the price was adjusted namely hundred, estate company is after all earning is deficient, there also is a Zhang oneself in consumer heart.
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