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[IT] mobile phone searchs: See a new world
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“ is on the mobile phone, we can be compared achieve more quickly in PC domain the first. ” is searching a field, do not have a person to be able to ignore the sound of Li Kaifu of vice-president of cereal song whole world, prep let alone content of this kind of audio is a kind of declare war.

In the double “ of Olympic Games and 3G exciting ” falls, the outbreak of market of mobile phone search already was there can be no turning back it seems that. But, to the mobile phone that screen volume is PC1/15 merely, the birth of another Google or Baidu is not simple ground to copy it seems that can succeed.

The temptation of two “ mythological ”

The search already was proved to be a netizen by Internet most the application that often uses, this one rule will apply to wireless Internet likewise. According to research organization Ai Rui forecast, user of search of Chinese mobile phone will be achieved 2008 127 million continue to maintain high speed grow, arrive to will achieve 220 million 2010.

More important is, google had been found for all successors discharge translate into the mode of true gold silver, be the Microsoft that this mode helped Google beat consider oneself unexcelled in the world, become the celebrity of Internet times.

A closer than Google myth is in China, when plum Yan Hong's Baidu used 8 years of time to become Na Sida to overcome component merely, held China to search the market share that the market exceeds 6 to become. More person nose the “ aromatic ” of market of mobile phone search.

The characteristic of portable sex, illicit close sex lets the mobile phone mobile phone search has larger imaginary space than Internet search. For example, you search the three unities on Google, can appear only a map, and search with the mobile phone can outspread to next, after integrating GPS location system, be mobile phone navigation.

Below such setting, the screen that who held user of Chinese mobile phone is equal to had a 3 times cake at Internet market. Zhang Xiangdong of 3G portal president says for fun, the search engine advertisement on Internet is clicked is one wool money, the likelihood is clicked to want one yuan on the mobile phone. Be this kind of idea let 3G portal choose to cooperate with Google, rolled out YY search. And Google and China's mobile collaboration are to be in more 2007 already knocked first calm. “ and China's mobile collaboration can let our service cover vaster user group, the policy conform to with this and cereal consistent song closes. Cui Song of manager of search of machine of ” cereal singer to " communication industry signs up for " the reporter expresses.

Regard Chinese as the overlord of the search, the antenna of Baidu expands the mobile phone searchs a field already likewise, 2006, baidu makes trade with hand mechanism Nuojiya began collaboration. Recently, both sides developed dimension to believe ” of “ Baidu demon jointly again, enlarge the sphere of influence of Baidu further. Right perhaps Baidu, more important is operating system of Symbian mobile phone, what at present ” of machine of mountain fastness of domestic many “ uses is the mobile phone platform of MTK, after market of 3G mobile phone is started, MTK still does not have mature 3G platform technology at present, so if Nuojiya opens Symbian operating system, to home it is undoubtedly large quantities of mountain fastness machine have allure most help straw, and the Baidu that becomes cooperative agreement with Nuojiyada in those days is apparent and OK from the advantage that Nuojiyakaiyuan gains free and off-the-pegly in the system.
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