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[House property] " be restricted to borrow your " right " Jin Jiuyin 10 " influe
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A few days ago, the Central Bank and silver-colored inspect can allot jointly " the announcement that accelerates managing intensive to use the land about finance " , ask each finance orgnaization is severe accuse government of commerciality estate credit. The " Jin Jiuyin that faces a convention in building city manages a layer to issue adjusting control fierce medicine again when busy season of 10 " sale, to the market each square psychology produced delicate effect, development business depreciates the apiration hopeful of sales promotion is more determined.

"927" is new politics hind issue fierce medicine again

Can allot jointly by the Central Bank and silver-colored inspect " the announcement that accelerates managing intensive to use the land about finance " the capital the gate of vitality that content pointed to estate company again. This " announcement " ask credit of strict commerciality estate manages each finance orgnaization, prohibit developing an enterprise to extend to be used technically at capture to make the loan of money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of land sell one's own things to estate, reiterated " of pair of ground of store up of development business " and rural miscarriage counterpoise the loan limitation of the room.

Look from name, the Central Bank and silver-colored inspect meet this " announcement " it is right general office of the State Council allotted on January 7 this year " the announcement that the State Council uses the land about promoting managing intensive " financial policy cooperates, go up in content also with room of two branches " was borrowed on September 27 last year new politics the content come down in one continuous line of " , do not have the occurrence of content of many new policy.

But this " announcement " this year when seek defeats solution capital predicament, estate company comes on stage in succession, its strength is different from general, after all this is afterwards "927" new politics the " of fierce medicine of " of another adjusting control after nearly one year is being lain between when releasing. Meantime finance superintends a branch to support wait-and-see attitude all the time to building city, but each estate development of big bank borrows money and borrow in a year had dropped considerably.

The development business that does not wish to disclose a full name expresses, of this one policy before coming on stage to also mean this for a time rife " helps city " measure, if loosen credit, reduce shed the proposal such as swivel section tax rate, stimulative spending to be done not have currently be approbated by administrative layer, adjust of building city further will inevitable.

Be restricted to borrow is making to depreciate your?

Although " announcement " did not involve with the estate closely related consumer 2 class market, but in delivering the market to developing the influence of business to be met, come. Market personage gave out " quickly to be restricted to borrow make even if depreciate the viewpoint of your " , in the " Jin Jiuyin of busy season of traditional sales promotion 10 " will be reflected somewhat.
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