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[House property] house property business depreciates the 7 big deep-seated reaso
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Latter, sweep of bound of Chinese house property depreciates wind, ground of 10 thousand divisions, gold, big China wait for house property business to depreciate in different level land. To this, inside and outside of course of study opinionses vary, the expression of consumer also each different. Although house property business depreciates,be in expected, but we still are necessary dug deep-seated reason that its depreciate.

One, money once more constrictive, make save city to expect to make a plan.

A few days ago, the Central Bank and silver-colored inspect can issue an announcement again, restrain the loan with each landed to commerciality commercial bank. The regulation wants branch of land natural resources to maintain project of a certain real-estate to build the idle time that use the land more than two years only, the development of this project will not get the loan of any forms from the bank. This policy one, the house property trade that makes still expect a government to help city originally no longer the heart is put fluky, this is the main reason that brings about house property business to depreciate eagerly.

2, capital pressure continues to increase, business of your house property is immersed in the condition of be besieged on all sides.

The doorsill that the commercial bank borrows to estate development and individual room one step by step drive up, the habit is the construction industry of money of project of real-estate project pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, to developing the confidence of business to also be lost in little. A lot of real-estate projects, development business invests 20%-40% capital only, always contract the catenary of one whole industry of whole project assumed business of the unit, unit that distribute a packet, rolled steel, cement business the development cost of the others 60%-80% . In building project liability case, a project of 100 million can hit 67 lawsuit of 100 million even, caustic of all of flourish of one flourish all, one caustic, construction business presses for payment of debts, financing does not have not do one's best of the door, sale, bring about house property business to must depreciate capital of fast steam again spends sale to in an attempt to then difficulty.

3, the strategy is adjusted, a lot of house property business know, cannot have gone after sudden huge profits again.

A few days ago, oneself accept Anhui business of a development is entrusted, do 5 years for its period development strategy program. When be communicated before the program, the other side expresses clearly to abandon state of mind of sudden huge profits thoroughly, can last the company development is put in the first, brand strategy is implemented on this foundation again. Close phase, when be communicated with business of a lot of house property, they also show the real intent that goes out to wish to seek reasonable profit only mostly. Drive in such state of mind below, house property business depreciates is the thing of follow a rational line to do some work well.
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