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[Chemical industry] the market prospect analysis of new-style and plastic additi
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Plastic industry should come true energy-saving fall bad news and industry upgrade, cannot leave the innovation of additive product and development. Plastic additive is presenting a green to change on international, special the tide that turn, line of the products classifies fine, norms much, seriation, no matter be plasticizer, bright,slippery agent or the respect such as the agent that fight bacterium have new product throw on the market.

Accord with the plasticizer that REACH asks

Come nearly 9 years, in plastic products, the security that figures plastic toy undoubtedly most get attention. Soft PVC by at one of low-cost, important raw material that outstanding specifications is had in reaching use process and make contemporary toy production in treatment. Well-known, if need not plasticizer, PVC can become adamant, brittle, cannot satisfy mostly toy and children nurse tasted pliability or flexibility requirement. In recent years, adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 2 laborious ester (DOP/DEHP) or adjacent benzene 2 formic acid ester of 2 different Ren (the traditional adjacent benzene such as DINP) ester of 2 formic acid kind plasticizer sufferred more and more censuring. The European Union decides finally to prohibit benzene of 6 kinds of adjacent ester of 2 formic acid (DOP, DINP, DIDP, BBP, DnOP, DBP) is used nurse at toy and children article. More and more countries, had introduced like area of part of Japan, Brazil, United States or discussing similar measure, restrict the plasticizer use in juvenile products.

These countries and area are carried out strictly to undertaking about the regulation and superintend closely. It is with the European Union exemple, it will have a test to the toy, unqualified product will be prohibited closing or always order next city. Face this one challenge, ba Sifu development rolls out the benzene is not adjacent that suits sensitivity application —HexamollDINCH of plasticizer of ester of 2 formic acid, had been applied extensively in toy production. Test of multinomial poisonous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties makes clear, hexamollDINCH has exceedingly good poisonous manage character, have character of outstanding treatment, technology at the same time, applicable toy and other sensitivity use a field. Those who be worth to point out is, this one product accords with each strict requirement of REACH in the round, the product that is raw material with its also can answer the challenge of REACH easily.

When build bead or adding model to produce, hexamollDINCH is quite good with sex of PVC material conpatibility of medicines. DINCH viscosity is low, applicably the model noting model that Wu Te decides, constant nicety designs usable even Wu Fei meticulously, the use that extends the product that add model thereby is periodic. The end item that DINCH adds model is migratory the gender is very low, can be united in wedlock with the colophony data security such as ABS, SAN, PC, ensure the product has longer service life and superior performance.
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