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Shanghai solicitor course of study is achieved 3 years receive nearly one billio
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Arrive from March 2005 in March 2008, shanghai lawyer creates business income 3 years nearly 10 billion yuan, pay taxes exceeds 2 billion yuan. Law serves course of study to had become Shanghai to develop the serious content of contemporary service line of business, also be Shanghai construction economy, finance, commerce, shipping " 4 centers " main base.

The Shanghai bar association that the reporter holds from 20 days the 8th congress

Gong Bing of Lv of the 7th chairman says Shanghai bar association, shanghai lawyer undertakes 3 years in all contentious case more than 180 thousand, be not contentious case more than 120 thousand. The true fact of the legitimate rights and interests that the lawyer safeguarded party with his professional knowledge and arduous labor, law apply and fair justice of the society.

In recent years, shanghai lawyer still did work of much social commonweal sex. They are 2007 Shanghai Teaohui, Shanghai world rich can offer high grade and efficient law to serve 2010, participate in again and again recieve a letter to visit, dissolve contradictory job, the person that it is the person that ab extra Wu is versed in, low income provided much legal support, thorough community begins law to seek advice to publicize the job with law.