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" died not to sell " speech writer first instance obtains compensate 27 thousand
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Have " the first song " those who say " died not to sell " initiated lawsuit of a tort, this case had first instance to adjudicate a result eventually yesterday afternoon, zhejiang of the accused of court decision of court of Pudong new developed area floats inferior limited company of electronic business affairs (the following abbreviation floats inferior company) , the accused Wang Bei stops tort, be in extensive inferior the home page of recreational base website of the company publishs written apology advertisement, recoup loss of accuser Gong Kaijie jointly at the same time 27 thousand yuan.

In April 2007, gong Kaijie has feeling fry an experience and hot at that time stock market at his, basis " died to want to love " melody filled in afresh " died not to sell " libretto, invite Wang Bei to sing. This recording is rapid on the net leap up is red.

On May 25, 2007, the libretto that revises via Wang Bei signs " write words: Wang Bei " " died not to sell " song begins to be in extensive inferior the transmission on the recreational base website of the company, click a quantity to be discharged all the time in foremost face.

Tort of the other side of the accused countercharge

On May 19, 2008, gong Kaijie and extensive inferior company, Wang Bei was on a court together.

In front courtyard careful, extensive inferior company argue says, its are used on the website " died not to sell " song is course word obligee namely Wang Bei and music obligee roll rock record company to permit, do not form tort. Contrary, " died not to sell " libretto borroweded " died to want to love " libretto, so libretto itself of Gong Kaijie is " tort work " , do not have copyright, lawfully not merit protection.

"Gong edition " it is work " king edition " it is to borrowed

After the court is tried, think, the libretto of Gong edition and " died to want to love " photograph comparing, theme, content is different, enough identifying is a new literal work, reason Gong enjoys copyright to this. And the theme of king edition libretto and Gong edition libretto and content are identical, just go up to revise in individual expressions, be pair of Gong edition work borrowed.

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