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"Prospective property is expended " , owner should be handed in
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The first phase owner of village of Ou Mou residence enters Yang Pu, but they fail from beginning to end " be personally on the scene " business acceptance develops when ground feeling is bought a house " booth stage pavilion, lunar lakefront " , more those who make them depressed is, although the village has first phase owner to be entered only now, of the village 2 period and 3 period the project still is done not have finishing, but they pay property take time, it is however according to arrive 3 period the village configuration that enters entirely comes of business accounting.

Expend a standard to the property that hands in now, mr Liu that regards first phase as owner cannot be accepted from beginning to end. He says, the village entered first phase owner only nowadays, security personnel and very much establishment satisfy the dimensions of first phase only, for instance village gate has only, wait without large greenbelt inside the village. That is to say, the establishment of a lot of form a complete set of business acceptance is developed when buying a house, want when 3 period the ability when be being entered matchs neat. However, now the owner of first phase according to 3 period the village dimensions when be being entered entirely and facilities of form a complete set will pay property fee, this is really unreasonable.

"Prospective property is expended " , should be village owner handed in?


This edition invites " 10 big lawyers " one of, Fu Ding of university of Hua Dongzheng law gives birth to a professor to point out, the basis concerns legal provision, property company collects pay to owner of village first phase this kind " prospective property is expended " , do not have legal validity.

According to the regulation, after property serves an enterprise to win the bid in the project, ought to apply for property to expend collected price level to local prices branch according to the price of tender document, the result after pressing give an official carries out property cost to collect the job. But at present of this village 2, 3 period have not make a room, the property that concerns accordingly expends price level to still do not have collected premise requirement, do not have feasibility. This is meant, showing the rate that phases prices branch gives out is opinion of a directiveness only, specific rate still ought to serve enterprise and village owner to agree separately by property. If property company is collected " prospective property is expended " if, will appear service and collect fees cannot reasonable the state that match, and from this enroach on reachs a village the legitimate rights and interests of first phase owner.

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