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With the door left unlocked wears successful door
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1968, on 100 meters of circuit of Mexican Olympic Games, sea of • of American player auspicious because this after hitting a wire, indicator light points out the model of written characters of 9.95 immediately, full-court sensation, the sea because this also solilo-quize of lay open both hands said a word. This one scene passes TV to whole world hookup, because there is not mike beside him at that time,can be, does not know he said a what word after all.  

1984, eve of los angeles Olympic Games, a reporter that calls Davy • Parr is answering the data a short while that puts Mexican Olympic Games, because of,see the sea again this camera lens, he thinks, this is human first time in the breakthrough on 100 meters of circuit 10 seconds close greatly, the sea because this in that the twinkling of an eye that sees a record, said an outstanding word certainly. This hears a drop anew, was dropped to leakage by on that 1000 reporters unexpectedly, it is one big regret really. Then he decides to because of,cover the lake this, ask he said a what word after all.  

When the thing before the reporter mentions 16 years, the sea because this want to laughing to say: "I say, sacred, successful original with the door left unlocked wears that door! " after answer to a riddle is opened, the sea because this continue to say again: "After the record of 100 meters of match that achieved 10.0 3 second 1936 from Ouwensi, the authority of medical bound people say or state with certainty, the athletic limit that muscle fiber place of the mankind bears the weight of won't exceed every second 10 meters. Everybody believes this one statement, but although cannot break through 10 seconds,I think, I also should run the achievement of 10.01 seconds. Then, I run with my rapiddest rate everyday 50 kilometers. Oneself see on Mexican Olympic Games when me after the record of 9.95 seconds, I was stupefied, so this door of 10 seconds is not being locked up closely, its with the door left unlocked is worn, resemble terminus the cord of that sidewards. Resemble terminus the cord of that sidewards..

The sea because this spoke very simple very main reason: With the door left unlocked wears 100 meters of doors that surpass 10 seconds, with the door left unlocked wears the door that there is countless on this world, the door that succeeds especially.  

But the door that should push this with the door left unlocked, also not be so easy to do, successful door is with the door left unlocked admittedly, who be not to be able to be pushed.  

Want to push the successful door of with the door left unlocked, want to have courage above all, want to have the courage to think and act, dare stick one's chin out, break free from conventions. A lot of successful doors are worn to our lock, not be to be not pushed actually, and actually, we may have not thought repeatedly, more never mention it try. For example, "The weight of the speed of falling body and falling body becomes direct ratio " -- , on chiliad comes, people is right this law believes thoroughly ancient Greek Yalishiduode, ke Ga benefit dares to put forward to suspect slightly, had the test of famous pizza inclined tower, then, courage and courage and insight helped him push successful door gently. Conversely, by the person that difficulty scares, dare not pound the person of forbidden zone, by rule person, the person of be overcautious, cannot push successful door forever.  
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