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Chinese milk industry course of 30 years of harships
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2008, chinese reforming and opening was entered and stand year. The be prouding that the struggling drive that taking Bi road blue lock and big country rise abruptly person achievement, reforming and opening completed the social transition with Chinese most acuteness throughout history! Arrive from ticket card economy buyer's market, from the product rare lack favourable balance of a huge sum, in the course that condenses in this paragraph, the assiduous deal with concrete matters relating to work that engraved a few acting Chinese and miserable suffering are hot. A little the modest footstep below halt, turn one's head powerfuls this paragraph the not far history of agitate, can make us right certainly today's task and the mission that did not come become more clear and have an insight into.

After the swift and violent development of experience of dairy produce industry via 30 years, the footstep of blatant push ahead vigorously becomes dovish gradually and solid. However vicissitudes of life of these 30 years of harships, accompanying an enterprise to clean out sand in the sea between ups and downs, did not know to help sb to fulfill his wishes elite of how many industry, annihilation the hero of needle of a few billow, turn one's head rises, the outside its person feeling inside the city and affirmation of sigh with deep feeling are very different perhaps, or depressed and grave, or exalted flower hair... .

All the time since, a lot of people have an ambiguous knowledge, think dairy produce is foreign exotic. Actually, according to historical record, it is early before 2100, our country working people has begun to know bovine breast and drinkable ox bred. Be like before 2100 " history write down - Hun is passed " medium " the person eats its meat, drink its juice " , it is drink horse and arrogant grandma juice namely. Before 1500 " Qi Min should be narrated " detailed account the method that produces cheese with breast of ox, sheep. Yuan face (the Christian era 1279, 1367) army already was carried have fight the grain for the army of milk products earmark that control. . After new China holds water, the government closes put in enterprise of milkings of a few foreign countries 's charge, joint state-private ownership more make industry of milkings of a few small-sized nations gets anabiosising. The government implemented the method that plan admeasure proof supplies, with alleviating supply and demand contradicts. This shows China breeds estate development history also is of long standing and well established, just a lot of history reason brings about development delay to stop slow! For the better development course that sums up lacteal industry, we 30 years after reforming and opening (1978-2008) cent is elaborated for 5 phase.

   What planned economy falls is solid with awkwardness

Came 1978 1989, 12 years, chinese economy is commercialized basically spread out below structure of original planned economy system, planned economy still takes dominant place, commercialize a process to just begin.
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