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Why does Coke Cola make bad tea drink
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Latter, press Coke Cola checks tea to grind labour lane retreats city, if the message is belonged to solid, check grind the tea drink such as tea of fruit of bright of ice of wind of the day that is versed in the Coke Cola before Jiashangzhi rolls out lane and ground, haze, sunshine, coke Cola already early or late 4 arms defeat tea drink. Why an international tycoon in beverage industry control the forces of nature, do one sell the brand chamberlain that having experience of more than 100 years of brand management to whole world each district to be in China coke tea water market however again and again accidentally drop? What can you learn again at the brand of the other in the failure of tea drink from Coke Cola? Below and the view that allows the author and you to share a few shallow together.   

   One, endorse of culture lose

What you know no less than in that way, coke Cola can fashionable whole world, having nothing to do with the American figure behind is. If do a strict test, after exchange is packed again coke of a bottle of 100 things or dispute constant coke and Coke Cola are put together, do not know after all to have how many person can from which winkle Coke Cola comes. Of course, original idea is not discussing the way of the victory of itself of Coke Cola brand here. Coke Cola is in the fashionable of global each district, the setting of American culture is having surely cannot the action of oversight. However, this kind endorse strongly culture, march in Coke Cola magic power was lost however when tea drink, no less than everybody knows, the provenance of Zheng Miaogong of tea culture root is in China.

Lost endorse the Coke Cola that culture relies on, in tea beverage than going all out in, with each big competitor goes up at same platform, compare those who go all out is pair of market opportunities to take ability and brand run actual strength. So, in tea beverage market, coke Cola whether had done depend on two elements, one is a competitor, a market that is oneself is run. Below, begin to analyse the Coke Cola experience in tea water market from these two respects.   

   2, the competitor of market of China of be familiar with

The illuminative brand of market of Chinese tea beverage ought to be " the rising sun rises " , because enterprise oneself manages,regretful is wait for a reason, the open up wasteland of this market person fail to become win the home abidingly. After afterwards the rising sun rises, health master, unified, child with a ha is breathed out wait to enter tea beverage market in succession.

Ripe brand of health master and unified know well is run, go up in culture with mainland culture it is an organic whole originally, in the nonexistent market acknowledge is new barrier on tea culture. Health master and unified seize market moment, old second position is held quickly in tea water market. Run from the tea beverage brand of health master in light of, spend tea, barley tea to jasmine from the fractionize of green tea, black tea roll out, know well adds up to the tea culture acknowledge that the Chinese distinguishs with tea sort, in proper when race to control of fractionize category occupy.
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