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How is research Chinese solved have a meal the administrative philosophy of the
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I am the closest restudy Chinese history and " of world " plutonomy about productivity and relations of production discuss, having a truth is so productivity saying " decides relations of production, if relations of production lags behind at the development of productivity or block up the development of productivity, must improve " of relations of production.

In the problem that the Chinese that how has the Chinese of more than 1 billion to solve has a meal?  

National leader of China thought a lot of way:

-- -- ― reclaims the Great Northern Wilderness,

-- -- ― increases agriculture to grow an area, like Shanxi Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County cut into a mountain makes terraced field;

-- ―, establish Xinjiang to build large unit, by the side of defend of have garrison troops or peasants open up wasteland and grow food grain, grow commissariat and cotton in great quantities;  

-- -- increase labour force investment, many school graduates goes to the country cultivate land;

. . . . . . But, the act of all these did not solve the problem that the Chinese has a meal, that times is very much the person is starved to death. . .

All these relies on outside force and support to raise devoted kind, did not solve the problem of dress warmly and ear one's fill that have a meal; Solved a Chinese to have a meal truly of the problem is, it is Deng Xiaoping, deng Xiaoping did not adopt support to raise devoted kind, what he adopts is: Change relations of production, change system;

70 time, a few farmers are pressing village of small post of Anhui phoenix this world fingerprint signed a resolution, " couplet is produced contract system of " of system of job responsibility was born, this system by the total stylist of Chinese reforming and opening, great cacique Deng Xiaoping popularized the whole nation, the result is only the change of a relations of production and system, changed Chinese be on short commons easily only the problem of the meal;

We are in will look solved 1 billion person couplet of Chinese to produce contract the characteristic of system of around of system of job responsibility, include this system (relations of production) where is advanced sex expression?

Produce in couplet contract before system of job responsibility spends:

1 , constituent form: People commune (be equivalent to our company headquarters) organization of   basic level: Manufacturing group, manufacturing team (be equivalent to our company each district visitting agency) ;

2, run way: Communal secretary perhaps produces team leader, blow chirp to call together everybody to attend a meeting morning everyday, shout slogan, express loyalty, allocate every farmer next everyday the job;
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