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Loose coarse Japan moves factory price on base of white report month
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According to " Japanese economy news " website latest news, japan manufacturer of each everybody report will begin from the end of this month large-scale on the producer price of the white home appliance such as tone freezer, washing machine, air conditioning. Dan Xinmin net reachs sale terminal to learn in Shanghai manufacturer from a few Japan now, the product that is in Shanghai at present is temporary won't follow-up.

According to " Japanese economy news " report, freezer of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut tastes the price newly highest will go up tone 5% ; Of Xia Pu wash clothes drier will rise in price to become the left and right sides; The partial product of the freezer of the company below the pine, washing machine and air conditioning also will go up tone factory price. But, these brands can not follow suit in the product of Shanghai on tone price, "We did not receive headquarters to move the announcement of the price about be on home at present, own independent plant in home as a result of the company at the same time, because this is on the price,oneself also has certain decision making authority. " reporter of Xiang Xinmin network introduces a relevant public figure of day endowment enterprise. And the terminal of a few sales below 3 water chestnut, pine also Xiang Xinmin net expresses, did not receive pertinent information at present, do not have on the price any fluctuant. The Su Ning electric equipment that sells one of big alligator as domestic home appliance is relevant personage also network reporter expresses Xiang Xinmin, be in at present home, the market share that place of Japanese white report holds is not outstanding, "Understand according to me, these manufacturer had not undertaken carrying valence bargaining to us now. These manufacturer had not undertaken carrying valence bargaining to us now..

The expert inside course of study points out, because rolled steel price rises, home appliance manufacturer produces the cost of link to rise considerably, the effort that relies on production link only absorbs this one element completely impossibly already, because this raises price already special and pressing, but the competition as a result of enterprise of domestic home appliance is intense, if move valence to be lost likely originally good the sale market that acquires not easily, accordingly, on tone price, each are big manufacturer is very careful, do not be willing to become the first company that raises price. And in new of civilian net in interviewing, also discover, each are in greatly China day endowment company is prudent to moving valence to give speech, "This is very sensitive, everybody knows raw material rises now, profit drops, but compete in China too intense, have a bit inadvertent, the market that can develop pain vacates. " Xiang Xinmin net discloses a relevant controller of day endowment enterprise, "The situation of two ground is accordingly different, we are impossible that Japan goes up, we go up. We go up..
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