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Riverside is sent or become a shareholder Lai commercial firm 18%
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Pu Fayin becomes a shareholder all right bank of Shandong Lai merchant has new progress again. According to the report, pudong develops a bank (600000) become a shareholder the scale of Lai commercial firm is preliminary already on 18% the left and right sides, and undertaking exchanging views with respect to the detail such as the price at present.

Of coincidence is, announce the press release on website of bank of Shandong Lai merchant to also show yesterday, should hold the first board of directors the 14th times on August 29 all right thirteenth of the first the conference, supervision board second conference, discuss the topic for discussion that pass to include among them " what be strategic investor about introducing Shanghai Pudong to develop bank Inc. is second reading " , " about increasing endowment spread second reading " .

Dong Bi Shenyang thinks of riverside hair bank to was responded to yesterday, at present both sides still is talking.

This year May, ceng Gong of riverside hair bank is accused say, with Lai overgrown with weeds the commercial bank establishs strategic partner relationship. Arrived in July, its announcement says, board of directors and supervision board already agreed to become a shareholder Lai merchant bank (Lai overed grown with weeds on July 1 commercial bank more the name is " Lai merchant bank " ) .

And before this, lai merchant bank already also stepped the pace of different ground dilate, had established Shandong this year in April He lustre branch, still seeking the circumjacent province that is in Shandong at present -- Heibei province and Jiangsu province open more branches. According to the plan of this president Li Min, lai merchant bank can search the market area that suits his to develop according to oneself ability, in prospective 3-5 year in time, again peripheral a few branch, add ten right-and-left subbranch of a bank, build the regional bank that has certain competition ability.

Public data shows, lai of original name of Lai merchant bank overs grown with weeds commercial bank, held water in July 2005, predecessor is agency of credit of town of city of Lai overgrown with weeds, 2007 end capital total 12.92 billion yuan, implementation net profit 307 million yuan, put, loan market occupies score to be 24.27% , 25.03% , all occupy first place of banking of Lai overgrown with weeds.

Current, share-holding system bank carries share or buy the city trading company that has not appear on the market, undertake dilate already made a kind of trend. Become a shareholder besides riverside hair outside Lai merchant bank, the bank that start line of business (601166) also plan to buy 9 rivers town commercial bank the 20% equity, bank that enrol business (600036) the plan becomes a shareholder stage city commercial bank, traffic bank (601328) the target is Changshu country commercial bank.
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