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Dragon of iron of east wind snow and beautiful linkage of country of home applia
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"Jin Jiuyin 10 " eve of arrival of sale busy season, each car brand begins to start new offensive of round of market, a of dragon of iron of east wind snow new device is together beautiful electric equipment of nation of home appliance tycoon, undertake " home having love is more beautiful " large combination acts, in order to strengthen model of strategy of this company sale new Ailishe is in 2, the promotion of 3 class market.

As we have learned, this action of dragon of iron of east wind snow will be started on August 30, last a period of time 10 weeks, 21 wait in Shijiazhuang, Jinan, Hefei, Changsha 2, inn of Xue Tielong 4S and storefront of 48 nations beautiful electric equipment launch 40 driving force of revolution of 3 class city. During the activity, new Ailishe will be in the United States designates the country storefront undertakes the spot is revealed, and the spot collects consumer to undertake trying freely driving. In the meantime, consumer should enter national beautiful storefront to be able to participate lottery only, win take new Ailishe; Buy a nation the United States appoints commodity to return but Xue Tielong of free displacement east wind is new Ailishe and the environmental protection that the United States designs the country together shop bag. In addition, during the activity, car of dragon of iron of east wind snow advocate in the country the United States shops will enjoy special offer privilege, in the meantime, national beautiful member buys a car to also will enjoy indulgence ceremony to wrap in dragon of iron of east wind snow.

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