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Lend 100 couplet 7000 sites whole nation of force of hair of the first food
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In Shanghai national endowment is driven " world of throughout the country of Shanghai industry trend, trend " below train of thought, enterprise of interior of national endowment system also is exploring the mode that combines hand in hand. On August 29, subordinate of bright food group appears on the market company -- the first food (600616, be about to line of business of wine of incognito Jin Feng) with 100 couplet group ministry of career exceeding trade signed agreement of strategic collaboration framework, the first food will " take " 100 couplet " express " market of the whole nation that send force.

"This collaboration is OK 100 couplet are in have the aid of 25 province city of countrywide add up to more than 7100 business site, will ' with wine ' and ' stone library door ' double brand of yellow rice or millet wine is pushed to the whole nation. " when Wang Jianhua of general manager of the first food accepts morning paper reporter to interview, express, the strategic goal after the first food finishs conformity is, on the foundation of solid Shanghai market, in devote oneself to a product to upgrade, base oneself upon at high-end market while, progressively implementation is growing the dilate of trigonometry area, be in actively position of countrywide key market.

The 100 couplet group that exceeds business cent to sell a network formidably is had in the whole nation, to the first food, it is undoubtedly high grade and " familiar and close " partner. "Light is as congeneric as 100 couplet Shanghai country endowment system, light is country's biggest integrated food group, 100 couplet are country's biggest current industry group. " Wang Jianhua expresses, in collaboration, each net name a person for a particular job gives below 100 couplet banner " with wine " and " stone library door " open up entering the arena " green passageway " , also namely the the best position below coequal condition, greatest caboodle first class. And " with wine " and " stone library door " the strength that lends 100 couplet next main attack Jiang Zhe market, and the key city such as Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen.

Half annals showed the first provision 2008, realize income first half of the year 3.254 billion yuan, business profit 132 million yuan, net profit 108 million yuan, grow 25.79% respectively compared to the same period, 4.58% , 34.26% . Income of business of its yellow rice or millet wine is 268 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 5.27% , descendent main reason is the sale that the company reduced alcoholic drink of partial low end, for " with wine " be needed base wine prepares.

Yellow dawn of analyst of Dongguan negotiable securities thinks, this company is had in the market of market of Shanghai yellow rice or millet wine rate achieve 80% above, big Shanghai market is almost saturated, "Stone library door " sales volume grows close to backwater, and if bibcock of yellow rice or millet wine is ancient hill of check of peace conference of the hill that jump over dragon is being depended on " the compartment in house " and " Shanghaipa " wait for a product to still be in contention Shanghai. The growth of prospective outstanding achievement of the first food basically relies on the development of the market of yellow rice or millet wine beyond Shanghai, the innovation of brand sale, culture sale, channel sale and product will be important step.
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