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The brand sells the 4 big effect of channel in cent
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"Brand get the upper hand of " it is an enterprise to do do by force big, long contain unabated secret, already became the consensus of group of current company sale, it is to seek advice more groom the fascia dish of course of study. But in chemical industry, have only brand and the market situation that many brand coexists all the time, also derived accordingly " make a brand " with " make medium of communication " of genre contend for, perform melt into then " do a brand to approximate advertise, become terminal figure, make a service " and " do channel to approximate make a network, do interest allocation, make sales promotion " simple classify. In sale practice, what make a salesperson bemused very much is, it is to make the product that paints such need brand runs coating or white emulsion obviously, the thrust talent that often needs medium of communication unluckily makes old brand; And resemble all-purpose glue, glass glue such much brand product, be weighed by firm of a lot of distribute even " I promote what brand is what brand " , have area finally however only strong brand ability makes Wang Zhe place. "Kind melon gets a beans " , be product gene fission? "One stone counts a bird " , be being returned actually is a brand mutual in a variety of sale mode extensive gives birth to a phenomenon. The author is in chemical enterprise sale field hold office is old, be in another name for Guangdong Province east area is engaged in distribute of chemical product representative already also was being counted year, induce a few results as follows now, offer personnel of chemical estate sale to consult.   

   One, of the brand " Guan Chong effect "  

The enterprise always is dimensions by small sell to big, product by reach far, brand to affect nearly by what increase infirmly, this is the rule. There always was the industry employer of a few have high aspirations but little abilities in the past, the dream sells his product to countrywide each district (the likelihood that makes global dream is less) , then wide Luo Rencai, increase investment, open agency everywhere or brand shop of branch, straight battalion, the outcome that awaits them is commonly: Come more suddenly, those who go is faster. What what they make is wrong, actually very simple very elementary also, that regards countrywide market as namely unifinication, coessential the market that influence, it is OK to anxiously expect the high grade product that depends on oneself, solid financial resources, low price to wait consequently sweep across the whole nation, unify country.

Little imagine, of Chinese market big, exceeded the imagination of a lot of foreigners, of Chinese national condition complex, homebred doctor up to now hard thick connect just a little. Remember the day that Hong Kong returned to 1997, " Guangzhou daily " the special issue that became 97 edition (solid for 98 edition, last edition is one Zhang Ming is " fine night " traditional Chinese painting) , resounding at that time home, create the situation with Luoyang expensive paper. That special issue, include the old brand that home makes much quite influential force at that time or well-known trademark. 10 years, individual to the person's life also do not calculate too long, and to longing " still want to live 500 years again really " for enterprise or brand, should belong to very brief. But intentional personage goes turning over that " special issue " , very can open-eyed discovery: 10 years of time, to China the enterprise of a lot of industries, life length is already enough extravagant. Go up in special issue to those once brilliant brand, 10 years, many brands are early already be apart of yin and yang.
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