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Stride vacate change " vacate slow " , one steam masses encounters slippery iron
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Year sales volume anticipates the target reduces 75 thousand from 100 thousand, this is one steam - the masses is aimed at the Chinese car market 2008, after undertaking be assessmented integratedly, to striding the answer that after the sales volume that rises annual undertakes adjustment, gives out. However, in the backside of this kind of agonized answer, it is one steam - popular is helpless, also be to stride vacate this by one steam - the model that the masses once gave great expectations, in cold current of experience car city and oneself short board expedient. Digital change also refracts an one steam - the masses, this China's biggest automobile industry group, after had experienced the years with glorious early days, in face China whole when big car market environment changes, the wine cup in the heart that encounters.   

   Su Weiming is dim respond to a curtain call, chant burn one's boats why

The channel of days is returned on June 2, 2008. One steam - the masses, the sale general manager at that time holds be in charge of to meet below Su Weiming's absent circumstance, announce one steam group Hu Yong of dean of the 9th academy replaces Su Weiming, hold the position of one steam - masses vise general manager holds sale company general manager concurrently one duty.

As throughout history of one steam group handler of the first profession is in charge of high, at the beginning of Su Weiming assumed office 2006, equipment gets attention. This not just bureau be confined to causes by identity of vice-president of his masses China about speech of partner of China and foreign countries authority pilot guesses, still what because of one steam such big state-owend enterprise pulled open global talent invite applications for a job eventually is prelusive. However, regard a profession as the Su Weiming of handler, in stride during vacating occurrence bedding face to accumulate coast, perhaps say to stride vacate had not climbed slope even when dim respond to a curtain call, going up somehow also is a kind solemn and stirring, and this kind " dispatch troops not nimble body predecease " solemn and stirring, below existing Chinese market environment, in professional husband team of China, the hardships that refracts handler of course of study giving job and but.

And the institute of the introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad one's previous experience that chant of Su Weiming post sends replace, sale is brand-new domain to him. Hu Yong's resume is recording his technical setting clearly, tsinghua university graduates, steam of all previous either turns to strategy of group of engine plant factory manager, one steam to study group of ministry minister, one steam dean of the 9th academy. Still hang duty one year in Chongqing city among them.

And to Hu Yong, have burn one's boats only, fight with one's back to the river-fight to win or die. The biggest challenge that its face at present is, how to arouse the enthusiasm that has agency afresh, establish the agency trust to manufacturer afresh. As a result of one steam - the problem of masses oneself and sale status of car city whole is bad this year, one steam - the masses finishs difficulty of established this year target of 600 thousand produce and sale very big, this year the target first half of the year is 350 thousand, and 40% what completed original plan only first half of the year actually. Accordingly 7, 8, the sale of 3 9 months, the one steam that is in adversity to the body - for the masses crucial. Especially to be being expressed great expectations stride vacate for, year sales volume adjusted 75 thousand from 100 thousand, was equivalent to hitting 7.5 fold. Agency expresses, chant what after appearing on the stage, give out to undertake supportive to agency from policy why, it is lever with lowest price limit, increase the control to the market, the purpose is to digest inventory as soon as possible, dissolve one steam as soon as possible - the problem that masses place faces and crisis.
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