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Comfort wine is costly, ready?
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The high end that accompanying comfort wine is integral phalanx almost is costly of the course look up, we can be a bit experience comfort wine board piece the rally on the road that rise abruptly. Liquor of night day China board piece in, the place that comfort wine place has is beyond question. But elapse as days, does place of history of Yu Jiuhui brilliant gift is present meaning the sth used to one's own advantage that deserves memory or the burden in looking forward to?

Comfort wine has adequate capital to praise oneself once story -- although nowadays condition is awkward. But what we should not allow night day is brilliant become today's burden -- high end is costly the way that the graph of save the nation from extinction that is not comfort wine puts. Comfort wine is revitalized is not the product upgrades so simple.

First from some closer the product of year of comfort wine upgrades speak of.

No matter be last centuries once the inn of buy or sell on credit since fame sparrow, Du Kang (Yi Chuan) , Bao Feng, Zhang Gong, still be this century the Yang Shao that begins fast dilate, Song He, 45 etc products card, be in the development 200-300 of like a raging fire the product of this price interval. Wine of business of the world of wine of head of Zhang Gong of lubricious faint scent of Du Kang of movement of wine of Chinese buy or sell on credit, day, country, 5 stars, wine, win-win, comfort waits high end a moment costly wine tastes the United States annulus beautiful Huan, even wine of name of real estate of a few second line also high end of follow-up development series is costly product.

Next we talk about He Weigao end is costly.

High end is costly taste wine, those who point to is the wine with value and quality concern highest specific value is tasted. Taste in numerous wine in, high end is costly brand wine kind enjoy very special market and social class. High end is costly the unity that tastes wine to have 5 sides:

1, the character of product itself;

2, the character of the product and mark;

3, the glamour of the brand;

4, geography and historical element;

5, market sale and ad strategy.

The sexual price that afore-mentioned comfort wine wine taste is not written down than oversight of our as a temporary measure, the character of the product and mark appear very ambiguous also, as to brand glamour more via removing deliberate -- do not have high end the glamour that costly wine tastes place to bear the weight of. Geography and historical element perhaps are comfort wine can the place of make an issue of, but the kongfu of this respect was not used sufficient. Market sale and ad strategy see fire of the wind that be like wind, but gimmick does not have new office, lack is changed decayed for magical only, essence of life, accurate internal force.
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